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Introducing AInsights: Executive-level insights on the latest in generative AI

I started writing more and more about generative AI so that I could keep up with important trends and what they mean in my world.

I gave it a name with a simple tagline:

“AInsights: Executive-level insights on the latest in generative AI.”

Here’s the current catalog if you’d like to dive-in with me…

Fred Wilson Predicts AI’s Future, The Rise Of Chief Innovation Officers, Sam Altman Seeks Trillions For AI Chips – Link

MultiOn And Large Action Models (LAMs), Introducing Google Gemini And Its Version Of Copilot, AI-Powered Frames, Disney’s HoloTile For VR – Link

Labeling AI-Generated Content, Human Editors For AI-generated University Applications, AI Doctors In A Box Coming To A Mall Near You  – Link

The New Google Bard Aka Gemini, Neuralink Trials, Bland Conversational AI Agents, Deep Fakes, And GPT Assistants – Link

AI Is Coming For Jobs, Robots Are Here To Help, AGI Is On The Horizon, Google Has A Formidable Competitor – Link

Anthropic Funding, Midjourney Antifunding, Rabbit R1 Sellout Debut, And Microsoft Copilot’s Takeoff – Link

GPTs, AI Influencers, Digital Twins, Microsoft, AI Search – Link

Prompt Engineering: Six Strategies For Getting Better Results – Link

The Four Waves Of Generative AI, We’re In Wave 2 According To Mustafa Suleyman – Link

A Generative AI Video Timeline of the Top Players – Link

A Guided Tour Of Apple’s Vision Pro And A Glimpse Of The Future Of [Spatial] Computing – Link

Google Cuts, Expected Industry Cuts, GenAI’s $1 Trillion Trajectory – Link

NY Times Sues OpenAI and Next-Gen AI Devices – Link

Introducing the GenAI Prism with JESS3 and Conor Grennan – Link

OpenAI and the Events that Caused the Crazy Four Days Between Sam Altman’s Firing and Return – Link

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