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Introducing AInsights: Executive-level insights on the latest in generative AI

I started writing more and more about generative AI so that I could keep up with important trends and what they mean to executives.

I gave it a name with a simple tagline: “AInsights: Executive-level insights on the latest in generative AI.”

Here’s the running list of AInsights if you’d like to dive-in with me…

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AInsights Catalog (Most Recent First)

AInsights: At Google I/O, AI Becomes An Extension of All You Do and Create, and Its Going to Change…Everything – Link

Exploring OpenAI’s new Flagship Generative AI Model GPT-4o and What It Means to You – Link

Microsoft Developing Its Own AI Model with MAI-1; Serves as a Competitive Lesson for All Businesses – Link

Google Gemini 1.5 Surpasses Anthropic, OpenAI, as Highest Performing GenAI Model, For Now – Link

Microsoft’s VASA-1 Model Uses AI To Create Hyper-Realistic Digital Twins Using A Picture And Voice Sample – Link

Meta’s Llama 3 LLM Redefines The Limits Of Artificial Intelligence And Makes Meta One Of The Leading AI Players – Link

Perplexity AI Is Now A Unicorn, Counts Jeff Bezos As An Investor, And Releases Enterprise Pro – Link

Reid Hoffman Interviews His AI Digital Twin And It’s Both Creepy And Mind-Blowing – Link

AI Is A New Digital Species — A Companion In Guiding You Toward Innovative Outcomes – Link

Microsoft Diversifies Its AI Investment Portfolio With Commitment To French Startup Mistral – Link

Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Inflection AI And What It Means To Business Customers And Investors – Link

The Future Of Google Search Ain’t What It Used To Be; The Rise Of Ignite Moments – Link

Google Released A Prompting Guide 101 To Advance GenAI Prompting Skills And Outcomes – Link

Nvidia’s Advancements In AI Compute, AI-Powered Humanoid Robots, And Connecting Omniverse To Apple’s Vision Pro – Link

Generative AI Prompting: A Guide To Achieving Incredible And Fantastical Outcomes With GenAI – Link

AI Will Be Smarter Than Humans Before 2030, So What? – Link

Anthropic Releases Claude 3, ChatGPT Reads Aloud, New Sora Videos Astonish, Sam Altman Return To OpenAI’s Board – Link

LLAMA Lounge and renAIssance Emerge in Cerebral Valley to Connect Founders, VCs, Executives, and Thought Leaders – Link

AI-Powered Enterprise Use Cases In HR, Customer Service, Payments, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, And Pharmaceuticals – Link

NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang Ponders The Future Of Coding, ChatGPT Gets Memory, Google Gemini 1.5 And The Meaning Of Tokens, Three Alternatives To Google Search – Link

OpenAI dazzles with Sora, Sierra AI Makes Customer Service Human, NVIDIA Turns Your PC Into An LLM – Link

The Impact Of Generative AI On Business And Operational Transformation – Link

Fred Wilson Predicts AI’s Future, The Rise Of Chief Innovation Officers, Sam Altman Seeks Trillions For AI Chips – Link

MultiOn And Large Action Models (LAMs), Introducing Google Gemini And Its Version Of Copilot, AI-Powered Frames, Disney’s HoloTile For VR – Link

Labeling AI-Generated Content, Human Editors For AI-generated University Applications, AI Doctors In A Box Coming To A Mall Near You  – Link

The New Google Bard Aka Gemini, Neuralink Trials, Bland Conversational AI Agents, Deep Fakes, And GPT Assistants – Link

AI Is Coming For Jobs, Robots Are Here To Help, AGI Is On The Horizon, Google Has A Formidable Competitor – Link

Anthropic Funding, Midjourney Antifunding, Rabbit R1 Sellout Debut, And Microsoft Copilot’s Takeoff – Link

GPTs, AI Influencers, Digital Twins, Microsoft, AI Search – Link

Prompt Engineering: Six Strategies For Getting Better Results – Link

The Four Waves Of Generative AI, We’re In Wave 2 According To Mustafa Suleyman – Link

A Generative AI Video Timeline of the Top Players – Link

A Guided Tour Of Apple’s Vision Pro And A Glimpse Of The Future Of [Spatial] Computing – Link

Google Cuts, Expected Industry Cuts, GenAI’s $1 Trillion Trajectory – Link

NY Times Sues OpenAI and Next-Gen AI Devices – Link

Introducing the GenAI Prism with JESS3 and Conor Grennan – Link

OpenAI and the Events that Caused the Crazy Four Days Between Sam Altman’s Firing and Return – Link

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