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AInsights: Perplexity AI is Now a Unicorn, Counts Jeff Bezos as an Investor, and Releases Enterprise Pro

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Perplexity AI announced that it raised a whopping $62.7M+ at a valuation of 1.04 billion, led by Daniel Gross, former head of AI at Y Combinator. This officially makes Perplexity the latest minted Unicorn. 🦄 Other investors include a who’s who list of industry leaders, Stan Druckenmiller, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, Tobi Lutke, Garry Tan, Andrej Karpathy, Dylan Field, Elad Gil, Nat Friedman, IVP, NEA, Jakob Uszkoreit, Naval Ravikant, Brad Gerstner, and Lip-Bu Tan. 🤯👏

Perplexity isn’t just another AI chatbot. It’s an entirely new answers engine that offers a glimpse of the future of intelligent search. I recently explored how Perplexity and AI are even threatening Google’s search business. This could be one of the reasons that Perplexity’s valuation has doubled in three months.

Additionally, Perplexity launched Enterprise Pro, designed to keep work and data secure and private.

How does it work?

Think about your day-to-day search experience today. Typically when you search, you become the “answer filter,” browsing through SEO-manipulated or spammy websites full of affiliated links, all meant to boot their visibility, not the most relevant information. Perplexity streamlines search for everyday users and now, enterprise employees to help them save time while improving output.

Perplexity’s answer engine browses the internet in real time and provides complete, verifiable answers with citations (I love this part as I drill down into each for further context). Perplexity also provides multimedia-enriched answers that include charts, videos, and images.

In a statement, Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi shared how Perplexity powers his teams, “Perplexity Enterprise Pro has allowed Databricks to substantially accelerate R&D, making it easier for our engineering, marketing, and sales teams to execute faster. We estimate it helps our team save 5k working hours monthly.”


So what is an answers engine exactly? If you think about about how you use Google for more sophisticated or specific searches, you may often ask it questions versus inputting keywords. Smart marketers practice “keyword anthropology” to understand the questions people are asking to then optimize their pages against those searches. This leaves users having to become a human filter to search, scroll, click, and most likely, refine the search and repeat. This was just business as usual.

With Perplexity, it takes your prompt to then analyze potential results against trusted or regarded sources providing output that better aligns with your search criteria. The results are also footnoted if you’d like to dive deeper for context. More so, prompt-based searched facilitate prompt-based layers. You can dive deeper to further unpack the answers to help you steer your quest.

Enterprise Pro aims to offer a rich search experience for its business users.

Here’s how standout companies use Perplexity…

Product teams at Zoom use Perplexity’s Focus functionality for targeted search.

HP’s salesforce taps into Perplexity for rapid, in-depth prospect research, helping them to craft compelling pitches, which expedites the sales process.

Innovation attorneys at Latham & Watkins are piloting Perplexity to conduct targeted research.

Health editorial teams at Thrive Global are creating validated behavior change microsteps based on the latest peer-reviewed science.

Data teams at the Cleveland Cavaliers research ticket sales trends and do partnership prospecting.

Strategy teams at Paytm draft market landscape insights to inform their roadmaps.

Marketing and product teams at Amplitude use Perplexity to draft market landscape insights.

Below is the pitch deck for Perplexity Pro courtesy of PitchDeckGuy.

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