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Generative Developments in AI: NY Times Sues OpenAI and Next-Gen AI Devices

The latest news and trends in generative AI…

The Future of Generative AI Headed to Court

The New York Times is suing OpenAI for using copyrighted IP to train its LLMs without credit or royalties. This could be OpenAI’s “Napster” moment. Here’s the filing.

At the same time, Apple is reportedly striking deals with media companies to train its AI using IP.

One of these two will define the future of generative AI.

A New Wave of AI Devices and Maybe Phones are on the Horizon

In other news, Jony Ive reportedly hired Apple iPhone and Watch designer Tang Tan to join him at LoveFrom. Experts believe that the team is working on an AI phone or device with Sam Altman, potentially creating the next “iPhone” moment.

With Humane first out of the gate with a consumer-facing AI device, 2024 might just set the stage for the next device war.

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