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Forbes: Brian Solis on AI for Marketers

Sandy Carter’s latest article in Forbes explores the optimistic and cautious perspectives of AI heading into 2024. The article features thoughts from Brian Solis.

As we approach the brink of 2024, the entwined paths of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and spatial computing are not merely transforming industries; they’re also sculpting new ethical and societal contours. With every conference now an AI Conference including the upcoming CES in Vegas, everyone needs to think not just in terms of technology. In exploring how these technologies will evolve, it’s essential to examine their wider implications – from both the optimistic ‘Santa’ viewpoint and the cautious ‘Grinch’ perspective.

Brian Solis is a leading AI Influencer and is the head of global innovation at ServiceNow.

He had this to say, “Marketers should approach AI by thinking about how they want customers to feel rather than aiming for transactional engagement. AI can help your marketing become, ironically, more human. And when customers feel engaged it enhances their experience and likelihood to take action. That’s what customer experience is all about…the feeling someone has in the moment. AI can unlock digital empathy to create meaningful experiences.” Brian recently published the GenAI Prism with JESS3 to help executives understand the rapidly shifting generative AI landscape.

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