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San Francisco Examiner Names Brian Solis As One of The Ten Most Sought After Brand Evangelists

via SF Examiner

While the term “influencer” may be used too often in too many ways – real influence does exist. For brands it is the evangelist that is paramount. They possess the unique combination of having influence and the ability to elevate the storytelling for a brand. Some are creators, some are product experts and some are the most highly trusted experts in their field. Here is why each of these evangelists are in high demand.

With any of these ten you can see commonality, components that help people achieve the absolute apex of brand evangelism. But more interestingly each has a different and diverse background, skillset and come from a variety of industries. It doesn’t matter where you start but they all understand the value of connection, collaboration and bringing their unique insights to help brands navigate tricky spaces where they lack that specific expertise.

The list includes Brian Solis. Click here to read the original article at San Francisco Examiner.

Brian Solis

As a world leading digital anthropologist and futurist, Brian Solis is an 8x bestselling author, the world’s top superforecaster according to Entrepreneur and ZDNet’s top business thinker of the 21st century. 700,000 followers and bylines in Harvard Business Review, Adweek and more, Brian is one of the original evangelists.

Currently the Global Head of Innovation at ServiceNow he is also a highly sought after and engaging keynote speaker globally and the host of (r)evolution, a popular video series that has interviewed Shag, Katie Couric, Marc Burnett and more on technology, leadership and blazing a trail.



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