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A Guided Tour of Apple’s Vision Pro and a Glimpse of the Future of [Spatial] Computing

Apple finally released its long-awaited Vision Pro for pre-order today. At launch time, Apple also released a guided tour video that offers a glimpse of spatial computing and the new dimension of immersive experiences it introduces. Here are the key moments to focus on to appreciate what makes Vision Pro a game-changer. What we’re witnessing is a new future of computing, connectivity, entertainment, communication, and how we interact with digital and the physical space around us.

1) You’ll notice the video is meant to prepare you contextually for an entirely new experience. It sets the stage for a “mindshift”. Though, at parts, it goes a little overboard.

2) The shift from physical space into a spatial environment is breathtaking. That’s by design. You can almost see and feel it through his eyes.

3) Note her composure and the simplicity of her instructions. This too is by design. It’s meant to connect Spatial Computing to a new dimension, one that’s relaxed and wondrous.

4) The link between how our host guides the user through the user interface and the apps that are demonstrated serve two functions: 1) elegance and intuitiveness.

5) “Peering into a moment of time” is a powerful way to describe spatial videos. It adds a new dimension to past experiences that bring it to life as an immersive memory. It’s not unlike the movie Brainstorm with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood (her last role). When these appear as reminders like today’s photos on iPhones, many will cry as they relive important moments.

6) Entertainment is a killer app out of the box. Om believes that Vision Pro (or Apple’s face computer as he playfully calls it) is serving as a home entertainment reference system.

7) Productivity is also touted as a powerful experience allowing you to transform your open space into a virtual, customizable work environment. For example, when the user opens his MacBook, the screen shifts from the laptop to the VisionPro, creating a massive cinematic 4d display.

8) UI/UX is subtly, but powerfully demonstrated as a game changing way to interact. Spatial computing changes how we control of space and the virtual relationship between digital and physical worlds.

I have friends who were online at 5 a.m. pacific to pre-order. Honestly, I wish I were one of them.

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  2. Techseeker says:

    Brian Solis, your breakdown of Apple’s Vision Pro is nothing short of a mind-expanding journey into the future! Your guided tour not only demystifies the tech but also paints a vivid picture of the profound shift into spatial computing. The seamless transition from physical to spatial environments is breathtaking – I can almost feel the transformation through your words.

    The emphasis on elegance and intuitiveness in UI/UX is a game-changer, and the prospect of reliving moments through spatial videos is downright poetic. Your insights into the Vision Pro’s potential in entertainment and productivity make me wish I had been among those early birds at 5 a.m. Pacific for the pre-order frenzy.

    Thanks a ton, Brian Solis, for unraveling the magic behind Vision Pro and steering us toward the future of [spatial] computing!

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