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LLAMA Lounge and renAIssance Emerge in Cerebral Valley to Connect Founders, VCs, Executives, and Thought Leaders


My friend and former partner at Altimeter Group Jeremiah Owyang is now a VC at Blitzscaling Ventures along with my friend Chris Yeh. Owyang is also the host of Llama Lounge, one of the largest AI events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In February 2024, Owyang hosted Llama Lounge 8 at GENLAB in San Francisco with 300 attendees that included AI founders, venture capitalists, media, and influencers. The event also had hundreds of prospects on the waiting list.

The event featured was themed around AI agents and featured 10 startups, including:

Agent Lunar: Digital workers built for small businesses
AgentOps: Agent benchmarking, testing, compliance
– Claros: AI personal shopper Agents
– Commit: AI talent agents for software developers
– Evabot: Your AI research assistant in sales
– Floode: Personalized AI EA for daily comms
– Infinityy: Sales Agent for property leasing
– Instalily: Autonomous AI Agents; human level productivity
– Lutra: Coding Agents integrated with your apps
– MultiOn: Your personal AI agent

Robert Scoble aka Scobleizer demonstrates how Apple’s Vision Pro also serves as an epic life cam!

A New AI Networking Event Arises

Following Llama Lounge, my event partner and longtime BFF Vanessa Camones and I hosted a new networking event to connect VCs, founders, press, thought leaders, and executives. We call it renAIssance, and it served as the official after party to Llama Lounge.

The first ever renAIssance event was hosted at the Four Seasons on Market Street. It’s a place with deep roots in my early Web 2.0 and startup days. It seemed like the perfect venue for our inaugural event.

renAIssance will continue to serve as the after party for Llama Lounge and will also tour Los Angeles, New York, Austin, among other important cities and alongside key conferences. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in hosting/sponsoring an upcoming event!

Shiv Singh, CMO and co-host of AI Trailblazers, and Zoom’s Ross Mayfield

Brian Solis and Shiv Singh

Ozlem Pesky Bishop and Jeremiah Owyang

Writer and Editorial Curator Ken Yeung, Vanessa Camones, Brian Solis

Vanessa Camones, Brian Solis, Robert Scoble (Scobleizer)

GenLab’s Brady Forrest, Brian Solis

Ken Yeung, Brian Solis, Ben Metcalfe, ServiceNow Ventures’ Shuchi Rana

Charlene Li, Brian Solis

Brian Solis, Jeremiah Owyang. GenLab’s Daniel Riedel and Brady Forrest

We look forward to seeing you at the next renAIssance!

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