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A Curated List of Interesting and Curious CES 2020 Highlights

A Curated List of Interesting and Curious CES 2020 Highlights

The Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas is a spectacle I’ve experienced (in some cases, endured) for over 20 years. But this year was different. Why? It’s not just about consumer electronics anymore. We’re finally witnessing the convergence of physical and digital “things” and spaces in everything…and I mean everything. Following are some of the more promising, curious and also interesting takeaways from CES… TVs: There were OLED and 8k TVs that are better than what we can actually see,…

The 11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing in 2020

The 11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing in 2020

Each year, I help kick-off Brand Innovators Mega-Trends event during CES. In the opening keynote, I share the trends (and hopes) I would love brand executives to embrace in the new year. In 2020, the presentation focused on “11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing.” There are certainly more than 11 trends to follow, but in the context of this conversation, I focused on the convergence of AI, customer empathy, digital distractions and intentions, and the technology that connects the…

LinkedIn – What does brand mean in 2019?

LinkedIn – What does brand mean in 2019?

And it is essential to think this way. As Altimeter Principal Analyst, Brian Solis notes, “the way of doing things and the way the world is evolving are different. The greatest innovation is in mindsets and processes, in how we are human. And once you see it differently, you can’t go back.”

Brian also notes the wise words of his colleague, Principal Altimeter Analyst, Charlene Li, “In a post-truth world, marketers need to shift from touch points to trust points.”

In an era of mediocrity and complacency, only the relevant survive.– Brian Solis

2009: A Few of My Favorite Things

What follows is a repost of my contribution to Intel’s Inside Scoop blog. As an Intel Insider, I advise the company on new media as well as share my thoughts and views on tech… CES 2010 is the next stop for all gadget lovers and technologists. In many ways, the holidays and the slower pace that ensues serve as an excuse to recharge so that we may effectively travel the miles of booths featuring new electronics, tech, and consumer products….

CES Snapshot – Sands Expo Center

CES continued to overload the senses forcing me to allocate my budget in 2007 to buy half of everything I saw once it all hits the market. This time I took a 15 minute shuttle ride over to the Sands Expo Center where I was able to have a more relaxed show experience. The Adult Entertainment Expo was also at the Sands Very Cool and Ultra Thin Graphics Tablets from Adesso. Also, Check the Adesso Cyberpad – it is a…

CES 2007 Snapshot

CES 2007 is the electronics event of the year and there are no signs of slowing down. The sheer volume of companies, new electronics, gadget lovers, deal makers and media is deafening and entrancing. Some of the more fascinating elements about CES that you probably won’t read anywhere but here, pertain to the socialization of information and not so much the technology and gadgets themselves. CES has a global audience and a global attendance. And, for five days, we all…

CES Welcomes Bloggers – Changes the Future of Event Marketing

CES is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the enthusiasm and energy are at its greatest levels ever. Why? Because for a 40 year old show, CES is still making headlines – and I’m not just talking about the latest in electronics or gadgets either. This year, CES recognized bloggers as legitimate media. Finally…a huge validation for citizen media. This year, CES contracted the folks behind the behind Business Blogging Summit to screen and qualify bloggers for official media credentials. Why…

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