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What Happens at CES Stays on the Blogosphere

I’ve been quiet this week, not because of the lack of topics to discuss, but mostly buried in preparations for about 16 product launches at CES. Watch the FW page for all of the launch news…we created a special pipeline just to get everything out there.

In all of my years launching companies and new tech at this show, 2007 is by far the grandest yet. And since I’m a sucker for cool gadgets, I’m fully prepared to geek-out out at the show, while trying to fill the pipeline for my monthly tech column in Affluent Magazine as well as the blog.

I’m looking forward to catching up with fellow bloggers and other members of the CESBlogger crew:
Jeremiah Owyang
Robert Scoble
Jeremy Toeman
Gabe Rivera
John Furrier

There will be a few blogger events that I’m looking forward to, including:
– CES Blogger Party “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” at the Atomic Testing Museum Tuesday, January 9th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

– Podtech’s Bloghaus, which has a variety of events planned, as well as a lounge to get things done.

Don’t be surprised if you also see a few video blog entries from CES on too!

If you’d like to reach me in vegas, send a shout out to pr2point0[@]gmail[dot]com.


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