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LinkedIn – What does brand mean in 2019?

At the recent Brand Innovators Megatrends at CES, Jay Mandel was left pondering the question, “What does brand mean in 2019.” He found wisdom in Brian Solis regarding relevance in an ever evolving world of innovation.


And it is essential to think this way. As Altimeter Principal Analyst, Brian Solis notes, “the way of doing things and the way the world is evolving are different. The greatest innovation is in mindsets and processes, in how we are human. And once you see it differently, you can’t go back.”

Brian also notes the wise words of his colleague, Principal Altimeter Analyst, Charlene Li, “In a post-truth world, marketers need to shift from touch points to trust points.”

In an era of mediocrity and complacency, only the relevant survive.– Brian Solis

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