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The Digital Transformation of Mindsets to Drive Exponential Innovation in the Novel Economy

Dr. Mik Kersten is someone I only recently met, but I’ve quickly grown fond of his thinking and work. In 2020, we organized an event together, “Transitioning from Project to Product to Thrive in the New Normal.” Our initial conversation led to an exploration of new possibilities in digital transformation in a time of global crisis, an era I called the “Novel Economy.” Then earlier this year, Dr. Mik and I hosted an executive roundtable that focused on strategy planning and OKRs.

This time, Dr. Mik and I got together again to talk about the “digital transformation of mindsets” to accelerate innovation in this Novel Economy. The result is an action-packed 30-minute podcast that I hope you’ll find time to dive into.

In this episode, we cover a lot of ground and discuss many key topics including:

  • How people should think about their digital transformations in order to change their thinking in 2021 and adapt to the novel economy
  • Avoiding the pitfalls and traps of digital transformations and guidance on how organizations can successfully adapt
  • The importance of defining a product value stream and measuring transformations to increase customer value, faster
  • Driving innovative digital experiences in order to gain customer attention and loyalty
  • Advice to the Digital Change Agents in order to get leadership buy-in and drive change middle-up instead of top-down

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