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The End of Business as Usual Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution – GetAbstract

For those who don’t have the time to read an entire book, but still need the benefits of doing so, I present to you…GetAbstract. I’m proud to announce that The End of Business as Usual Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution is now available, along with X, WTF, Engage!, and others!

Before the Internet and social media, consumers who didn’t like a store told a few friends, sent an angry letter or just never bought there again. Businesses had the power. Today, unhappy shoppers complain on social media and potentially can do great harm. Companies must wake up to the power of connected consumers.

One top US airline describes itself as “customer-centric,” but a word cloud depicting its customers’ online conversations in a graphic shows the most popular terms include: “worst, fail, hate, delay, waiting, awful, cancelled and nightmare.” That can be ruinous.

Companies must engage proactively with their online audiences, and their audience’s audiences, to protect their reputations.

Best-selling author, digital analyst and futurist Brian Solis explains how. His comprehensive report helps new and veteran corporate leaders understand the digital revolution, and suggests tactics for exploiting this radical transformation. getAbstract recommends Solis’s far-reaching overview to executives and entrepreneurs looking to leverage social media and the web.


  • The digital revolution is radically transformative for businesses.
  • These changes are not just technological. They directly affect consumer behavior.
  • Companies that cannot adapt to these changes face obsolescence.
  • Businesses used to define their brands. Today, “connected consumers” define them.
  • Companies must connect with consumers on a personal basis. They must treat consumers as valued partners, not just as sales targets.
  • To build relationships and win sales, companies need to create satisfying experiences for their connected consumers.
  • The way people connect online activates distribution chains that rival any broadcast network.
  • To earn the trust of connected customers, businesses must engage them online in a positive way.
  • You must appeal to customers’ emotions.
  • Through such engagement, businesses stay relevant and build a robust future.

What You Will Learn

1) What strategies will help you exploit the nature, extent and impact of the digital revolution; 2) What influence “connected consumers” wield; and 3) How organizations can engage them effectively.

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