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Digitalist Magazine Features Brian Solis in ebook Titled ‘Tales From Tech Unknown: Extraordinary Stories from Tech Leaders’

Brian Solis is featured among seven top tech leaders in a Digitalist Magazine ebook called “Tales From Tech Unknown: Extraordinary Stories From Tech Leaders” by Ursula Ringham. It is designed as an introduction to the people she deems “inspired leaders” whose vision for the future will lead businesses through digital transformation and beyond.

Solis’ page in the book (17) is in a section called “Promoting Productivity in a Distracted Age.” His opening “pull quote” is “We have to understand what’s happening behind the screen and inside of us, so that we can take control of (technology) and use it in ways that are more productive.”

The brief piece is about the issues that ultimately motivated him to write Lifescale (without mentioning the book). He writes, “So I’m not gonna stop using my phone, I’m not gonna stop using my networks. I’m not gonna stop using my favorite apps. I’m gonna use them more mindfully.”

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