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Cirium Execs Reference Brian Solis in Article on Airlines and Airports’ Use of Data

Solis is mentioned at the tail end of a Future Travel Experience article titled “Why data analytics is a vital tool for unlocking new customer experience and revenue opportunities,” featuring new perspectives on the subject by  Cirium’s Carrie Mamantov, Marketing Director, and Steve Lappenbusch, Principal Product Manager.

The article was centered around Cirium’s involvement in FTE Global 2019, where the company would be leading a co-creation session exploring “How can the industry better utilize data to exceed traveler expectations?” Mamantov speaks on a topic that Solis is an expert on, consumer behavior. She says “The most powerful use of data for this industry is in finding new markets and revenue by understanding consumer behavior the way many other industries already do.”

Later in the piece, Lappenbusch explains that “The undeniable trend is moving past go-it-alone to managing a diverse and nimble portfolio of analytics.” One of the implications of this is technology partnerships and opening up data sharing. He says, “ Where organizations are starting to identify that shared value in building a solution together, we are going to see greater value to the traveler as well. The experience can be stronger when companies can focus on what they do best. If a premium service is your USP, then you want your teams to always have that as their first priority. The more they are distracted from that by being drawn into operational concerns, or new technologies, the more likely the customer experience is impacted as well.”

He continues: “Other industries have moved toward a more open environment already and we can see how the transformation accelerates. That is starting with the CIO taking on a more strategic role in leading transformation from the inside out. Brian Solis at TechRepublic recently reported survey results on this – more of the C-suite is taking an active role in companies of all sizes… so that will definitely build momentum for faster change.”

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