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BlueLeadz Selects Brian Solis as One of the 10 Best Tech Thought Leaders You Should Follow on LinkedIn

Solis is one of the “10 Best Technology Thought Leaders You Should Follow on LinkedIn, was chosen by Blueleads and reported in an article by Claire Cortese. The list is headed by Cathy Hackl, Futurist from You Are Here Labs, and Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates.

Solis’ section identifies him as the “Award winning author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” who specializes in disruptive technology and its impact. Cortese adds: “He focuses on the ‘future of industries, trends, and behavior.’ One of the reasons Solis’s work is so fascinating is because it looks closely at the behaviors of everyday people and how technology impacts our worlds.”

Referencing his LinkedIn content, she writes that it “tackles some truly eye-opening concepts that most people might not consider and look at closely on a day to day basis.”

Read the entire article here:


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