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Brian Solis Is Quoted Extensively in TechRepublic Article on Big Data and AI

Solis has a lot to say about personalized data, e-commerce and AI in a in a TechRepublic piece by Alison DeNisco Rayome on how big data and AI help online retailers compete in the digital era. The premise is that some brick and mortar retailers are seeking out services that leverage big data and personalization to increase e-commerce sales.

Solis draws a unique distinction: “During the rise of big data, it was said that data was the new oil. In an era of AI and machine learning however, personalized data is the new competitive advantage and will only become standard CX on the horizon.”

Later in the article, Solis addresses personalization and consumer trends. He says, “Personalization is something customers have learned to expect simply by using a smartphone, social media and their favorite apps. Retailers that offer a ‘try it on and return it for free’ service is basically…basic. But by offering a personalization engine to help consumers filter choices based on not only their fit but also the aggregate fit of people like them, customers are sure to receive something truly personal. And, the experience will only get better as it learns.”

He then talks about how intelligent platforms are removing the need for human to human interaction: “Consumers are in a way, becoming digital introverts, because technology is taking the place of expert advisers when it comes time to make a decision. Platforms such as uSizy are only expediting the challenges facing traditional retailers. But it’s doing so by delivering better, more convenient, real-time personal customer experiences.”

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