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Brian Solis Quoted in a Blurb About Distraction and Creativity on Loyalty360 Reads

Solis is quoted in a blurb at the end of a news summary for June 12, 2019 on the Loyalty 360 Reads page of Loyalty 360, the association for customer loyalty.

In a brief section titled “Your Phone, Distraction and Creativity,” there is mention of a new article in Harvard Business Review that highlights an interesting new challenge the business community faces today. The piece reads: “Phones are distracting millennials and Gen Z-ers (that shouldn’t be a surprise), which is decreasing motivation, but may increase creativity.”

Solis is quoted as writing, “I began to build my workday with frequent breaks for ‘productive distraction.’ I use these planned breaks to let those impulses run free. I also try to include something physical during breaks, like a moment of simple, brief meditation, which helps reset my mind and gives me fresh perspective when I resume work.”

Read the entire article here:,-2019

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