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Lessons Learned, Advice I Would Give Myself and Probably Ignore, and the Skills I’m Learning to Unlock the Next Phase of My Career

For those of you who followed my work over the years, thank you. 🙏

I’ve always been reluctant to pull the curtain back to tell my story. Honestly, I have a hard time talking about myself, even if it’s personal. I open up more about this in the video/links below…

My friends Nathalie Nahai and Dr. Aaron Balick launched a new community, “Time To Show Up,” to help professionals reconnect with their values, creative drive and personal mission.

I was asked if I would share my story.

I’ve shared a glass of wine or two at conferences around the world with them. I trust them. So, I said OK.

Here is that conversation. And it’s personal, raw, and honest. ✨ 🤍

Key Themes

We cover a lot of ground. It’s the longest interview I’ve made time for in years, and hopefully you’ll see why.

Some of the key themes we explore include:

1. Authenticity and empathy are key in connecting with others and building meaningful relationships.

2. Balancing performance and genuine connection is a challenge in the digital world.

3. Adapting and changing are necessary to reach and resonate with people in a fast-paced and noisy environment.

4. Creativity and taking risks are essential in building a fulfilling career. Marketing on different platforms requires genuine connection with people.

5. Reinventing oneself can be challenging, but it is necessary for personal growth.

6. Recognizing hindrances and staying the course is essential for success.

7. Gratitude and positive self-talk can lead to personal transformation and better relationships.

8. The importance of slowing down as life speeds up to recenter yourself, realign your mission, purpose, and aspirations against the new trajectory of the world, and taking control of your narrative (Lifescaling).

Conversation Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Conversation

02:27 Brian’s Creation Myth

06:03 Brian’s Journey and Commitment to Others

09:34 Influence of Personal Background on Brian’s Approach

12:23 Balancing Performance and Authenticity in the Digital World

13:47 Navigating the Tension Between Performance and Empathy

16:16 Perception of Self vs. Perception of Others

21:22 Expressing Yourself Authentically in a Noisy World

26:45 Trusting Yourself and Taking Risks

32:40 Building a Career with Integrity in a Fast-Paced World

35:09 Adapting and Changing to Connect with People

37:01 Exploring New Creative Challenges

37:48 The Challenge of Marketing on Different Platforms

38:42 Navigating the Challenges of Book Launch

39:49 Overcoming Challenges and Reinventing Oneself

40:33 The First Major Transformation

41:43 Learning from Garth Brooks’ Transformation

42:37 Figuring Out How to Connect with People

44:06 The Drive and Purpose Behind the Book

45:01 Recognizing the Drive and Overcoming Hindrances

46:21 Understanding Oneself and Overcoming Hindrances

48:17 The Need for New Leadership and Change

49:43 Excitement and Anxiety About the Future

51:08 Lessons Learned and Lessons Yet to Learn

52:11 Recognizing the Hindrances and Staying the Course

54:12 The Journey of Personal Transformation

55:42 Understanding Who You Are and What You Value

57:08 Remaining Open to Learning and Growth

58:28 The Importance of Being Open and Not Knowing

59:48 Advice for Younger Self and Recognizing Ignorance

01:01:09 Lessons of Gratitude and Recognizing the Present

01:02:24 Recognizing Hindrances and Learning to Communicate

01:04:11 The Value of Remaining Open and Not Knowing

01:07:46 The Power of Self-Talk and Attracting Opportunities

Be. Do. Get.

In case you need a preview before you dedicate your valuable time with us, I wanted to share some unforgettable advice I received from my mentor and former boss in the 90s! His name is Dan Post and he helped me unlock my potential before I understood where I wanted to go.

“Be. Do. Get.”

It’s a purposeful, action-oriented approach to manifestation. 💫

I hope the rest of my backstory helps you… 🙏

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