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Brian Solis Quoted in CNET SXSW Preview Article Coinciding With International Women’s Day

Solis is quoted in a CNET article by Erin Carson titled “SXSW 2019 Embraces #MeToo As International Women’s Day Kicks Off.” The piece highlights the fact that the music-film-media festival has a slate of sessions and panels that deal with diversity and inclusion, including a total of 50 sessions with “women” in the title and 20 more with “diversity.” They have names like Women in the World of Venture Capital, Diversity is the New Superfood, Black Women in Entertainment: The Necessary Voice, Avoid Diversity Myths to Avoid Diversity Failures and The Women Behind the Music.

Solis is introduced as a “digital antrhopoligist,” author of Lifescale: How To Break Free from Digital Distractions and a longtime SXSW attendee. His quote: “If it’s anywhere, SXSW is the place to energize, strengthen and mobilize efforts to push forward against hate and bots and algorithms designed to promote hostility.”

Carson writes, “The hope is that the exposure and discussion will stick with folks when they go back home.”

“This,” Solis is quoted as saying, “is where influence sparks.”

Read the entire article here:

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