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Brian Solis Quoted in Reference to Effective Coca-Cola Campaign In South African Article


Solis is quoted in reference to a successful Coca-Cola marketing campaign in an article by Tiisetso Maloma on the South African website Biz Community called “The Two Most Important Quotes in Marketing – Becoming and Authority and Expert in Customers’ Eyes.”

The article reads: “In 2015 it was estimated that the campaign increased Coke sales by 7% among young adults in Australia, and by 2% in the USA. The campaign is a success because it leaves people feeling something good about their self. The feeling of seeing your name – even a Pedi or Zulu name – on a Coke can is good and you want to achieve it by buying the Coke.”

It then mentions that Solis summed up such a scenario nicely by saying: “If we spent less time ‘talking’ about our brand and brand promise and more time designing how we bring it to life, the experience divide would naturally narrow.”

The author then applies this concept to Coke: “Coca-Cola designed just that through the Share a Coke campaign.”

Read the entire article here:


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