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Mount Bonnell Media Interviews Brian Solis at SXSW 2019

An interviewer from Mount Bonnell Media serendipitously ran into Solis at SXSW 2019 and this encounter soon led to a brief but impactful interview about the inspiration for Lifescale.

Solis introduces himself and explains that he’s helped launch over a thousand startups and had three startups of his own in addition to his research career. He then discusses the distractions inherent in the world of social media and messaging apps. He says, “We think we’re getting a lot done, but actually we’re compromising the quality of our work and depleting ourselves of far more energy that we need to while damaging our brain in the process because we’re not developing deeper density within our brains. Happiness, emotions, anxiety, depression…these are the drawbacks resulting from our use of everyday technology.”

He then talks about the inspiration for Lifescale, how he was trying to write his eighth book and hit a wall – which led him to a deeper understanding of why we are addicted to technology. “Nobody knew the true cost, the emotional, psychological and health costs of this,” he says. He says that he starts the book with the concept that “Awareness is Awakening.” Solis believes that entrepreneurs especially can accomplish more at a far deeper level if they allow themselves a break from the distractions and give themselves the time, space and permission to be a more creative entrepreneur.”

Watch the entire video here:


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