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Now is Gone Book Cover Ready to Print

Just wanted to share the good news that the cover for Now is Gone was finalized and is ready to go. It should be listed on Amazon soon.

Thanks again to Geoff Livingston for including me in the development of this book.

Now Is Gone explores how New Media (and Social Media) are forcing the evolution of PR through a rich set of meaningful interviews, case studies, and comprehensive discussions.

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5 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Now is Gone Book Cover Ready to Print”

  1. jquig says:

    I think it look great – hope you put the Amazon link up soon! Congratulation.

  2. Frank Gruber says:

    Very cool! Can’t wait to check it out.

  3. Zoli Erdos says:

    I figured you out, Brian. You must have half a dozen alter egos – otherwise you couldn’t be in all these places and still have the time to write, blog, run the business 🙂

  4. Geoff_Livingston says:

    Brian is the man. Flat out. I was lucky enough to get him to participate.

  5. john cass says:

    “Now is gone” is awfully close to “now is too late” another book on PR. Did you see that title out there when you were selecting it? Like the color of the cover.

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