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Link Love Sept. 10, 2007

Facebook Blog: Public Search Listings on Facebook – I’m working on a post about this which further examines why Facebook is the online hub for your personal brand. In the meantime, here’s the first post.

Search Engine Guide: Why You Should Embrace the New Social Media News Release– A good overview on the Social Media Release. Read here for everything you wanted to know about SMRs.

Now is Gone: Facebook Marketing Primer

Read/Write Web:Social Network Quechup Accused of Spamming

New Rules Communications: Monday, Bloody Monday, As Axe Swings At SF Chronicle

Stowe Boyd:danah boyd Is Confused By Facebook Success

Marshall Kirkpatrick:Feed reading: filtering and delegation

GigaOM:The How of Habbo Hotel

Huffington Post:The Unheard Sounds of 9/11by Steve Rosenbaum of

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