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WebGuild Hosts SEO for Web 2.0 at Google HQ

Daya Baran, president of WebGuild, let me know about an event that they are hosting on November 29 at Google.

Event focus:
* How web 2.0 companies can increase their traffic and ranking using search engines.
* Why all content can’t be tucked away behind a membership login?
* How to open up internal data to the search engines without compromising user privacy?
* Structural barriers limiting indexability and maximizing the spiderability of web sites.

Event description:
Web 2.0 is making the entire internet a giant community by connecting communities of users together. User-generated content can quickly grow a web site to vast dimensions in little time. Web 2.0 companies depend heavily on communities and viral marketing to drive traffic to their sites.

However, Web 2.0 sites need to rely on search engines to attract visitors as well. But getting a Web 2.0 site to rank “well” is not as easy as it seems because there generally is less editorial control and various structural issues that can cause a lack of indexability. These issues can represent insurmountable hurdles for online visibility but they can be overcome.


Adam Lasnik, SEO Strategist, Google

David Hahn, Director of Advertising, LinkedIn

Markus Hoevener, Chief Visionary, Bloofusion

Joelle Kaufman, Vice President Experience,

Moderator: Research Analyst, JupiterKagan

About Silicon Valley WebGuild:
The Silicon Valley WebGuild (SVWG) is dedicated to the advancement of web technologies to information technology professionals, by providing a collaborative environment. Our monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at Google Inc., 900 Alta Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Online registration for members $7 and non-members $15.

On-site registration for members $10 and non-members $20.

Register here.


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