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SF Beta Video Interviews

As part of the continuing saga of video interviews with the latest players in tech, Alison McNeil, Jeff Smith and the rest of the PR2.0 crew headed up to SF Beta to hear poetry?

Yes, it’s true. No demos this time…just Haiku.

Presenters included:
Meetro (Vinnie Lauria / VP)
CivicEvolution (Brian Sullivan / Founder)
Rooftop Comedy (Will Rogers / Co-Founder)
ShopCastTV (Eric Swan / Founder)
The Forbin Group (Cindy Phung / Worker Bee)
BuzzShout (James Yu / Co-Founder)
Diigo (Maggie Tsai / Co-Founder)

Now on to the videos…

Video 1 – Geek Entertainment TV and Irina Slutsky, Diigo and Mary Tsai

Video 2 – CivicEvolution and Brian Sullivan, Meetro and Vinnie Lauria

Video 3 – Forbrin Group and Cindy Phung, Rooftop Comedy and Will Rogers, Sticky, Inc. and Sol Lipman, Tailrank and Kevin Burton

For the blog post of this event, click here to read.

For more pictures, please jump to the flickr stream.

See you at the next event. Click here to RSVP.

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2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “SF Beta Video Interviews”

  1. irina slutsky says:

    great job! keep going, slow and steady wins the race….and dont forget to come to the second annual vloggies on nov 3, 2007 in los angeles, ca!

  2. Brian Solis says:

    Thanks Irina! We appreciate it. We’re still trying, slow and steady, and we have more video to share. We’ll see you in L.A. for sure, and most likely 1,000 times in and around SF between now and then. Cheers! – Brian and Alison

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