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Advanced PR Technology in Practice

Today I’m speaking at the Bulldog Reporter Advanced PR Technology in Practice event in San Francisco. It is an intensive update on how to exploit the state of the art for increased visibility, greater ROI and crisis management.

From the event description: You’ll bring yourself absolutely up to date on where PR technology stands today, on how to put it to use safely and cost-effectively, and on what new advances you can expect to see over the coming year. Best of all, you’ll learn it all from the nation’s most experienced practitioners of these techniques. They’ll candidly share their war stories, successes, and mistakes—so you can move forward more confidently. In just eight intensive hours, you’ll discover the most powerful techniques for increasing your visibility, improving your ROI, and managing the online conversation.

I’m participating in the “Brave New World of Social Media” panel which will cover:
– How Will Consumer Generated Media (CGM) Change PR Forever
– How PR Can Tap into New Social Media Networks
– Wiki Update for Corporate Communicators

I’ll post more on this later, along with my presentation. Many thanks to many of those who directly and indirectly helped me prepare…


2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Advanced PR Technology in Practice”

  1. Tom Hayes says:

    Brian, Good stuff. Strange we haven’t worked together in the past. Looking forward to it in the future.

  2. Brian Solis says:

    Yeah Tom, I too think it’s strange, but at least we finally crossed paths. Thanks….I am looking forward to catching up with you.

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