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Brian Solis Shares His Views on Changing Corporate Priorities From Bottom Line to Overall Impact on on Accenture’s new podcast “Marketing Disrupted” with special host Amber Mac

Solis was a recent guest on “Marketing Disrupted,” a new Accenture podcast hosted by Amber Mac with Brent Chaters. The series explores the evolving demands for CMOs and their organizations to thrive in the age of digital disruption. Solis was featured on an episode called “Walking the Walk” that also included guests Michael Masterman and Alexander Lvovich.

Solis opened his segment by talking about how companies are being forced in this day and age to think not only in terms of profits but their overall impact on society. He believes we need to make interesting moves in order to have impacts that are not only good for business but for everything around it. He mentions how some prominent companies have CSR strategies that seem more like PR campaigns riding a cultural wave, then balances those perceived negatives with his praise for companies who are making brave and vulnerable decisions about what they truly want to represent.

He advocates for changing the bottom-line corporate mentality: “Management has to be free to think differently about how it operates and why. We need to think about the pressure we put on performance so that we allow this breathing room to invent and innovate instead of suffocating in a constant churn of iteration and performance. We’re not there yet but I think the companies that are making these moves are exemplary.”

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