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Brian Solis Shares His Views on Customer Service in the Digital Age on Accenture’s new podcast “Marketing Disrupted” with special host Amber Mac

Solis was a recent guest on “Marketing Disrupted,” a new Accenture podcast hosted by Amber Mac with Brent Chaters. The series explores the evolving demands for CMOs and their organizations to thrive in the age of digital disruption. Solis was featured on an episode called “What Does It All Mean?” that also included guests Guy Kawasaki and Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Solis spoke about what he had learned from his own personal transformation as chronicled in Lifescale regarding the deeper, darker impacts of digital distraction. While advocating for the problem to be fixed for the good of us as individuals and the overall progress of society, he also explained how these issues impact consumers – and how companies can effectively respond from a marketing and customer engagement standpoint.

He said, “Focusing those concepts on today’s consumers, when customers make a decision, they carry with them this angst, anxiety and all sorts of issues, from happiness to self-esteem that maybe they don’t even consciously realize. All this makes their journey far more frustrating than it once was. This is one of the reasons why they’re far more impatient these days. So when we think about marketing and customer engagement and customer experience, if we take this knowledge, extract it out of the data – and if we can take an anthropological and psychological view of the world of the customer – we can find ways to not only modernize touchpoints but also ensure that those touchpoints deliver positivity, convenience, personalization and relief.”

Listen to the entire podcast here:

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