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The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part X

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Happy New Year!

Well, this is it. The final installment of the most read, shared, and discussed posts of 2009. I hope that Part X as well as the other nine parts help you to leap into 2010 with confidence, inspiration, and direction.

Let the education and stimulus continue this year…

The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part X

1. Is Facebook Losing its Coveted Demographic?

2. There’s an App for That: Mobile is the Next Frontier for Brand Engagement

3. The Evolution of A New Trust Economy

4. In Social Media, It’s Not Just Business, It’s Business-To-Business

5. Live Video Streams Go Mainstream

6. Twitter: The Business of Community

7. The Future of Interactive Marketing

8. Facebook Brings Fans into Focus

9. Top Twitter Trends of 2009

10. Twitter Economics

11. Ning Proves That There’s Life Outside of Facebook and Twitter

12. Ideas Connect Us More than Relationships

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20 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part X”

  1. Terry says:

    You sure have a lot of greatest hits.

  2. Tristan says:

    thanks for post. I bookmarked for you.. Thanks brian..

  3. voodoologic says:

    hype machine… I wish took off this year (not mine) and I'm not happy left betta testers out to dry.

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