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Billy Corgan and Brian Solis Rock SXSW

Source: Billboard Smashing Pumpkins co-founder and lead guitarist Billy Corgan joined Brian Solis to keynote SXSW Interactive 2012. Corgan and Solis turned things up to 11 as they riffed on the state of the music industry, the relationship between artists and fans and also the role of technology in the future of artistry and musical experiences. The hour-long conversation made headlines… Read more at: Billboard Rolling Stone Spin New Music Express Guitars provided by Taylor.

Time Magazine Studies Social Media’s Role in The Trayvon Martin Movement with Brian Solis

Madison Gray of Time reached out to Brian Solis to understand how social media added to the network effect that ultimately led to the “Justice for Trayvon Martin” movement. Here are some of Solis’ thoughts from the article, “Social Media: The Muscle Behind the Trayvon Martin Movement“… Knowledge of the Trayvon Martin case spread slowly at first. But online petitions, plus millions of tweets and Facebook “likes,” made the country take notice. “What we’re talking about here is what social…

Billy Corgan Joins Brian Solis at SXSWi to Discuss the End of the Music Business as Usual

In one of the most anticipated events of South by Southwest Interactive, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins joined author and analyst, Brian Solis, to discuss “No More (Music) Business As Usual.” The one-on-one conversation centered around key themes of Solis’ book The End of Business as Usual which challenges brand to adapt and thrive amid market disruption. And the music industry has undeniably experienced disruption like few others. Corgan took the music labels to task for failing to adapt…

Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid) Celebrates the Release of The End of Business as Usual with Original Cartoon

Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid) Celebrates the Release of The End of Business as Usual with Original Cartoon

My good friend (and one of the brightest people I know), Brian Solis, has a new book out today: “The End of Business As Usual”. As what has become a tradition between us, I drew the cartoon above to celebrate the launch… Solis believes, as many of us do, that it is time that the voice of the individual was acknowledged by organizations… and then he makes the case to show exactly why it matters, not only in principle, but…

Time Magazine Asks Brian Solis if Companies are Being Anti-Social with Twitter and Facebook

Time Magazine Asks Brian Solis if Companies are Being Anti-Social with Twitter and Facebook

Time Tech columnist Graeme McMillan asked Brian Solis for his thoughts on “broadcast” marketing in social channels and whether or not it would lead to “social blindness,” the social media equivalent of Advertising’s dreaded “banner blindness.” The problem with most corporate social media strategies, according to one expert, is that they’re just not social enough, they’re actually anti-social, and that that will lead to “social blindness” and a downturn in overall brand loyalty if left unchecked. Brian Solis, a new…

The American Genius: The Brandsphere Undoes the P.O.E.M. Concept

via Tara Steele, The American Genius, Excerpt Digital analyst Brian Solis has partnered with JESS3 to release a detailed infographic regarding media opportunities available to businesses using today’s technologies. Solis and JESS3 are well known for visually capturing the current state of affairs of social networking from their 2007 octopus-like infographic to the 2011 complex global infographic. Solis said, “In discussions about new media, you will often hear the division of media opportunities as Paid, Owned, and Earned media (P.O.E.M.). Over…

MarketingProfs: Six Social Media Archetypes and How to Reach Them

Via MarketingProfs Studies often classify us into demographics, psychographics or—more recently—by our “online influence” scores. The real question for today’s social-savvy marketers is, What makes us connect and share in our digital worlds? In partnership with agency JESS3, Brian Solis has documented user traits across social networks and put them into 18 categories in a nifty Behaviorgraphics poster. Some personality types you may recognize: Problem Solvers. Among the most common roots of conversation in social media are the question-and-answer sessions:…

Twitter Isn’t Journalism, Or Is It? Perhaps It’s the Wrong Question to Ask

I was asked to enter the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Debate Room to make the case “for” Twitter as a platform for journalism – at least that’s how I interpreted it. On the other side, ScribbleLive CEO Michael De Monte debates why it is “for the birds.” But before we get too far down the path, let’s frame the discussion. The original debate topic posed by BusinessWeek, “Twitter Isn’t Journalism, Or Is It?” is a bit misleading  and honestly, I think it’s…

CRM Magazine’s 2010 CRM Market Awards – Brian Solis Influential Leader

As part of its CRM Evolution ’10 conference, CRM Magazine announced the winners of its 2010 CRM Market Awards. Brian Solis was listed as one of eight CRM “Influential Leaders” by the magazine. The list of 2010 Influential Leaders: Marc Benioff, cofounder, chairman, and chief executive officer at (see CRM’s November 2009 issue for our cover-to-cover special report on Benioff and Bill McDermott, co-chief executive officer at SAP Doc Searls, fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, head of the individual-empowerment initiative…

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