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Hollywood’s The Wrap Takes The Covers Off of Twitter IPO with Brian Solis


The Wrap’s Brent Lang called Brian Solis to examine the various scenarios Twitter executives should consider for a successful IPO. Here are some of his thoughts from the article, “How Twitter Can Avoid Facebook’s IPO Nightmare.”

“What you have is a wary Wall Street that still has a memory of the dotcom bust fresh in its mind,” Brian Solis, a digital analyst at the research and advisory firm Altimeter Group, said. “There is certainly a perception that a quarter billion users is not enough and their operating loss is seen as a challenge.”

“It’s an internet company that most people don’t use,” Solis said. “It’s hard to understand for a lot of people and it’s hard to describe even by those people who do use it. Investors, many of whom are older, get what LinkedIn is because they understand the value of business networking.”

Solis advises that Twitter spend the run-up to its IPO explaining its suite of services to the general public in a way that even Luddites can grasp.

Twitter did just that Wednesday in a company post about its new See It feature. Titled “Change the channel directly from Twitter,” the post indicated the company would like to roll out the TV-friendly feature to other distribution partners beyond Comcast, presumably making revenue in the process.

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