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Brian Solis to Keynote Digital Summit in Phoenix – The New Marketing Mindset: Marketing to the Customer of the Future, Today

Brian Solis is excited to keynote the Digital Summit in Phoenix in March 2023!

Brian’s topic is meant to inspire marketers to become the leaders of the future.

He will be speaking about the new future of marketing and what it takes to bring it to life, now.

The New Marketing Mindset: Marketing to the Customer of the Future, Today

A look back in history shows you just some of the technology revolutions that changed the course of how we shop, connect, and navigate life: Amazon, iTunes, iPhone, Instagram, Uber, TikTok, and now ChatGPT.

With each event, the course of customer behavior shifts, and along with it, expectations and preferences, and standards for amazing experiences.

What technology and behavioral trends are predicted to impact the way people live and work in the next few years?

Brian Solis is a world-renowned digital futurist, best-selling author, and international keynote speaker. He was worked with some of the most recognized and innovative companies around the world. During this opening session, Brian will help you feel more prepared to thoughtfully approach future industry changes and develop more authentic relationships with your audience.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

– Explore the trends that are redefining the marketing landscape, from a human perspective
– Walk away with a mindset shift on how to connect with customers today
– Make the connection between mindset and customer experience to spotlight the divide between current strategies and customer expectations and how to close them

We hope to see you there!

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