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Brand Innovation in the Novel Economy

In Q4 2020, I was given the opportunity to keynote the CMO Brand Digital Summit. My topic was “Brand Innovation in the Novel Economy: Taking Cues from Generation-N to Rethink Brand Pillars as a Competitive Advantage.”

Leading up to the event, I spent some time with GDS’ Claudia Effra-Hume to explore the topic ahead of the conference. The result is a series of videos ranging from 10 seconds to one minute that answer some very important questions heading into 2021.

What is the meaning of “customer truth”?



Why is the digital imperative so critical to brands in 2021?


How much do we need to learn and unlearn to innovate forward?


How should brands consider innovation in the Novel Economy?


How is customer loyalty changing in the Novel Economy?


What is the role innovation plays in brand?

How can CMOs break free from “shiny object syndrome”? 


What is the role of mixed reality in the future of brand experience?

How should CMOs embrace a data culture to drive innovation in CX, marketing and branding?


What’s the one thing CMOs need to think differently about in 2021?


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