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Dreamforce 22: The Digital-First Novel Economy – Blurring the line between physical and digital experiences

Vonage’s Breanna Kuhl and Salesforce’s Brian Solis will share how to close the gaps in your customer experience for a digital-first Novel Economy at Dreamforce 22.

The Digital-First Novel Economy: Blurring the line between physical and digital experiences

We’re in a novel economy, a time without a playbook. Organizations and customers are accelerating digital transformations. With change comes new behaviors, expectations, and standards for engagement. In the last two years, approximately 90% of consumers have switched brands and plan to incorporate new behaviors into their routines. And, 61% of consumers say they’re going to spend even more time online moving forward. Digital is now a way of everyday life and work. Businesses need to create immersive, seamless and unified experiences bridging the physical and virtual worlds and afford choices to the customer. Getting it right creates personalized experiences, increases engagement, loyalty and wallet share.



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