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Healthcare Transformers: A Two-Part Series Defining the Future of Patient Experience by Brian Solis

What’s the future of patient experience?

What’s the future of caregiver experience?

Brian Solis penned an innovative two-part series for HealthcareTransformers that addresses the answers to these questions and more. Solis also explores the potential of digital, physical, and hybrid experience design in a digital-first world with mobile and Web 3.0 transforming patient expectations.

The ideas and lessons go beyond healthcare and affect customer experience innovation in industries including retail, travel and hospitality, automotive, and any customer-facing industry.

Part 1: A step-by-step guide to reinventing patient experience through human-centered innovation – link

Experience design is the next frontier for healthcare providers and those that master it will move beyond customer experience (CX) and patient experience (PX) to focus on the more important, yet complex, human side of experiences (HX).

Part 2: The four pillars of innovative patient experiences – link

No more tolerance for mediocrity. The awakening to patient-focused experiences in healthcare.

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