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Forbes: In the Rush to Go All-Digital, Prioritize Employee Experiences

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Forbes featured an in-depth piece by Brian Solis about the importance of prioritizing the employee experience for the all-digital, success-from-anywhere world.

Companies everywhere are accelerating digital investments in customer experience (CX) – but designing for employee experience (EX) is the next competitive advantage. Engaged and productive employees are instrumental to the success of delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving organizational success.

By The Numbers:

  • 93% of executives prioritizing EX report that their teams have the tools and technology to do their work efficiently.
  • Yet, fewer than a third (31%) said employee experience is a high priority at their organizations.
  • 42% of executives say EX is important to their organization’s commercial success.
  • Organizations with higher-than-average employee engagement exceeded the financial performance of their peers by 73%.

At Salesforce, we know there’s never been a more important time to prioritize EX. Now more than ever, employees depend on having the right technologies and tools to be successful. That’s why today we’re launching new Employee Experience tools that increase productivity and deliver fast and secure technology support, including:

  • Employee Workspace gives employees a single, connected space to access the apps, resources and information they need to work productively and connect with colleagues.
  • Employee Concierge is an intelligent help desk that lets employees find answers to questions quickly, with access to knowledge articles and AI-powered recommendations.
  • IT Service Center, developed in partnership with Tanium, empowers IT agents to quickly resolve problems and keep devices secure and compliant, ensuring employees stay productive from anywhere.

As companies leverage EX in the rush to go all-digital, Brian Solis, Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, recommends these six steps:

  1. Lead the way forward and organize for success. Define what success looks like. Develop metrics that everyone can align with to measure success.
  2. Organize a team to lead EX that directly plugs into the leadership’s vision for where the organization is headed and why, a future motivating state for customer and employee experiences, and what success looks like for everyone.
  3. Empower managers to encourage and motivate their teams.
  4. Empower teams to excel through technology that keeps up with the best experiences that customers remember, value, and seek.
  5. Train employees on new expectations, internally and externally, and augment their work through AI, automation, and systems that free up resources to be more creative, collaborative, and engaging for customers.
  6. Create an organizational culture that unifies the company around an upgraded set of vision, mission, and values. Create a sense of belonging where everyone feels like they play a part in achieving success.

Source: Salesforce News & Insights

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