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Introducing Generation-N, The New Customer Defining the Novel Economy

Meet Generation-Novel, the new critical customer segment created by the pandemic.

Before COVID (BC), your customer was already living a digital ritual of mobile, social, real-time for work, play and endless sharing and consumption. Now, with shelter in place and general fear of getting sick, customers are only becoming more and more digital. It’s not just for the early adopters or younger generations. Everyone is becoming equally digital because they have to. But it’s not just about tech and the pandemic driving changes in consumer behaviors, the emotional and psychological factors of COVID-19 are resetting consumer values as well.

Without empathy — real empathy — businesses are only adding to the madness. When customers are open to input on their next purchase, marketers have a real opportunity to deliver something other marketers aren’t… helpfulness.

So, what does that look like?

What is the future of brand in an era of COVID-19 disruption and beyond?

It’s unprecedented, to experience this much change in such a short amount of time. Brands were disrupted within and externally. Consumers and markets were disrupted overnight. Everyone’s trying to find some sense of normal or hope or escape. Did you know that most consumers have experimented with new brands since COVID? Also, did you know that most are becoming digital first during these times and new behaviors are starting to stick?

This means that brands now have to rethink experience. You have to rethink value. You have to reimagine brand itself.

As customers change so quickly and dramatically, brands too, have to keep up.

At IAA’s Creativity4Better conference, I shared his latest research on how consumers are evolving and also introduces opportunities for brands reinvent themselves in the Novel Economy.

In this special session, viewers will learn…

How COVID introduced a Novel Economy and Generation-N
Important characteristics and preferences of Gen-N
Ideas for next-generation brand pillars
Reimagining touchpoints as brand-points
The new pillars of brand in the Novel Economy
The importance of #IgniteMoments in these times

I hope it helps you!

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