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Making Finances Personal Again: A Conversation with Personal Capital About Digital Personalization and Human Engagement

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Two-thirds of people are losing sleep every night over financial anxiety.

Eric Weiss, SVP Growth and Performance Marketing, and the team at Personal Capital, are determined to see that statistic change. Their approach? Making finance personal again.

I spent time with Weiss recently to discuss Personal Capital’s human-centered approach to financial tech and services. (More links below)

For me, it’s personal…

As a professional who’s always too busy being busy; as a husband and father trying to be great on all fronts; I realized I wasn’t taking the time to think more thoroughly about our finances and our family’s future. I needed to change that stat.

As time passes, our finances get more complicated and less visible as we manage debts, investments, and portfolios across lots of platforms. Plus, we get so caught up in all the busyness and distractions in this world, that’s it’s almost impossible to maintain important friendships and relationships, let alone actively planning for our financial futures.

Personal Capital believes that we need both technology and empathetic engagement to feel confident in owning our finances.

“Customers are demanding three things – immediacy, personalization, and an ethic and value in the brands they work with,” said Weiss.

Immediacy is expected from the tools they use to manage and view their finances, updated in real-time, with evolving goals and plans.

Personalization is expected the same way Netflix suggests new shows, from evolving personal goals to how you best make use of tech.

Ethics is arguably the most important demand after decades of shady financial institutions taking advantage of their own customers.

These “demands” were born out of people wanting clarity and confidence as they plan and invest. And, they are best met through innovative tech AND great people support.

Please listen to this important conversations with Personal Capital’s Eric Weiss to learn how we can all use personalized tech and empathetic engagement to take control of our finances and a more promising future.

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