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Brian Solis Speaks Out on Personalization in The Marketing Associates Article On Big Data

Solis is quoted extensively in a piece on The Marketing Associates site by Brandon Baril entitled, “How Is Big Data and AI Helping Online Retailers Compete Amid Digitalization?”

The author states his premise up front and quickly supports it with a Solis quote. He writes, “As physical retailers keep on competing against online competitors, some are searching out services that leverage big data and personalization to increase e-commerce sales.” Solis, speaking to TechRepublic is quoted as saying, “During the emergence of big data, it was said that information was the new competitive advantage. With AI and machine learning becoming mainstream, customized data is the new fuel and will only become standard CX on the horizon.”

Later in the piece, under the subheading “The Need for Personalization,” Solis is quoted again: “Personalization is when clients have figured out how to expect basically by using a smartphone, social media, and their favorite apps. Retailers that offer a ‘give it a shot and return it for free’ service is essentially fundamental. However, by offering a personalization service to assist purchasers with filtering choices based on their fit as well as the aggregate fit of individuals like them, customers make certain to receive something genuinely person. Besides, the experience will just improve as it learns.”

Baril concludes the article by sharing Solis’ opinion that customers are turning to technology and slowing becoming digital introverts because technology is replacing human expertise with regards to making a decision. The final quote: “The Smart Business Service and platforms alike are only furthering the difficulties facing physical retailers. However, it is doing so by providing better, more efficient, and real-time customer experiences.”

Read the entire article here:

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