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Brian Solis’ Lifescale Featured on Slovenia’s Marketing Magazin (sic) Site

Solis and his book Lifescale are featured in an article (originally written in Slovenian) called “Brian Solis on ‘Living on a scale.’ The piece mentions the book and his series of lectures, which the author calls “Living on a Scale.”

The author writes, “The book Life on the Scale was written by Solis because he wanted to better control technology and his own future. 36 percent of Millennials and Generation Z members say that they spend two or more hours working on the phone for private activities each weekday. They are not alone. We all suffer from attention disorders. On average, we receive about 200 notifications per day. This presents a lot of additional costs to organizations and affects the workflow of employees and the atmosphere in the workplace. We are used to being in constant disruption. As a result, our minds and bodies function in an accelerated manner. Increasingly, we are performing multiple tasks at one time, in fact switching between different tasks. This is a waste of valuable energy. We do less than we think we actually do. Worse still, we prevent ourselves from doing our jobs and inhibiting our own creativity.”

He then mentions that Solis wrote the book because he wanted to better control technology and his own future. “According to Solis,” the author writes, “the time has come for managers and leaders to become aware of what is happening with productivity and happiness and set an example for the future. The same applies to health professionals, teachers and parents who should be more aware of what is really going on with us and our youth.”

Read the entire article here:

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