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Brian Solis’ Research on Digital Distractions Spotlighted in Archinect Article

Solis is featured in an Archinect article by Sean Joyner titled, “Doing creative work when we are obsessed with checking our phones.” He writes, “According to author Brian Solis, digital distractions are taking a significant toll on businesses, with 36-percent of Millennials and Gen Z workers reporting to spend two hours or more each workday ‘looking at their phones for personal activities.’ And while distractions can negatively influence creativity, they can also help propel forward the creative process.”

He quotes Solis from the research: “…leaky attention may underlie both costs and benefits of creative cognition; noise and other environmental stimuli can serve as distractors for creative people, and lead them to make errors on some tasks. At the same time, leaky attention may help people integrate ideas that are outside the focus of attention into their current information processing, leading to creative thinking.”

The article also mentions Solis’ focus on scheduling short breaks aka “productive distractions.”

Read the entire article here:

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