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Brian Solis Discusses Key Concepts from “Lifescale” in Wray Ward Article On Emotion in Marketing

Three illuminating quotes from Solis, including several that reference concepts on his “Lifescale” book are used by John Mader, Wray Ward VP, Director of Connections in his article on the Wray Ward site titled, “Emotion in Marketing: Five Thoughts.”

Under the fifth subhead “You can take a good thing too far,” Mader writes, “Digital anthropologist and futurist Brian Solis says app developers are manipulating our emotions to keep us on our devices, disconnected from reality, distracted and, ultimately, from doing our best creative work and living our best lives. Wow. The same science and anthropological constructs that make apps and other technology really relevant and useful are feeding a worldwide addiction. And device addiction isn’t good for human relationships, personal productivity or general well-being. In fact, there are all sorts of stats on plastic and cosmetic surgery, unhealthy behaviors and even elevated suicide rates, driven by a desire for social media likes.

“That’s why,” Mader continues, “in his newest book, Solis encourages people to ‘escape from the dark side of distractions.’ To realize that our daily rituals, devices and apps are capturing too much of our time, to the point that we’re obsessed. So, where should we go from here?

“In marketing, we have to strive to deliver information that educates and inspires and products that make people’s lives easier. If we want to make the sale, we have to not only appeal to our audience’s emotions, but also put their needs first.  Meanwhile, in Solis’ words, maybe it’s time for all of us to get back into balance and master our own destinies in this hyper-connected, data-driven world.”

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