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How To Avoid Distractions as Marketer

Social Media Examiner, known as the world’s largest social media marketing resource, interviewed Solis upon the release of Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life.

Writer Michael Stelzner poses these essential questions to start the comprehensive piece about how our life of distractions and social media addictions plays into digital marketing:  Does social media distract you from work and life? Wondering how to stay focused despite online interruptions?

The topics he and Solis explore include:

  1. Understanding and Overcoming Digital Distraction
  1. The Underlying Problems Marketers and Consumers Face Today
  1. Access to Multiple Media Channels
  1. Built-In Addictions
  1. Digital Wellness Initiatives
  1. The Journey Back from Distraction
  1. How The Allure of Fame Plays Into Distraction
  1. An Ethical Path Forward for Digital Marketers

Summarizing powerful points that Solis makes in a recorded interview, Stelzner captures several of the key points of Lifescale: “The journey from distraction back to purposeful use of social media and technology begins with a personal and introspective process. Are these tools (social media and technology) helping us get closer to that best life or are they taking us further away from it? We’re losing touch with ourselves because we’re pulled in so many directions every minute of the day. You basically need to execute a control-alt-delete to reimagine what your life should be in this era of distraction.”

When Solis was studying digital influence and how technology can influence us for better or for worse, he came up with a saying: “There are two ways to change behavior. One is to inspire it and the other is to manipulate it.” Stelzner summarizes: “It’s time to explore or re-imagine the customer journey. Rather than marketing to or manipulating people, use the advanced technological platforms such as AI and machine learning to tailor and scale your messages to meet people where they are on their journeys.”

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