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Brian Solis’ SXSW 2019 Lifescale Launch Party Praised on NICKSAV Film & Music Show Podcast

Solis’ launch party for Lifescale at SXSW 2019 was singled out for special praise on podcaster Nick Savides’ NICKSAV Film & Music Show ( covering the festival.

On an episode called “Notable, Films Music and Experiences,” Savides says that Solis’ earnest presentation helped him center himself and be present amidst an even that can be full of chaos, distractions and the feeling of having to rush off to the next event. The host was impressed by Solis’ philosophy of taking a step back from social media to focus on a sense of purpose and acknowledging the people and things that really matter to us. “His presentation got me more grounded, and more relaxed, like the Calm exhibit,” Savides says. He also gave high marks to Solis for complementing his presentation about Lifescale with a set by Singapore based indie artist Linying, whose music reinforced the concepts Solis discussed.

Listen to the podcast here (discussion of Solis begins at 48:00)

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