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Brand Innovation and Customer Experience Design: An Interview with Comcast’s Chris Satchell

The potential for breakthrough innovation is at its greatest when there’s purpose. And in an age of disruptive technology, humanity is becoming a killer app.

Often in my research on digital transformation and innovation, I find the most compelling catalyst for finding purpose and accelerating change and improvement is customer experience (CX).

Think about it.

Who owns the customer experience?

Yes. The customer owns it.

That might seem like one big “duh.” But, believe it or note, many organizations are many things before being customer-centric…





In all of my research on the state and future of CX and customer-centricity, human empathy is often missing. But purpose is powerful when it’s empathetic and innovation design is human-centric when it’s driven by empathetic purpose.

The truth is that a customer’s experience with any business begins long before they buy your product and continues long after. More so, customer expectations continue to evolve as new digital capabilities improve every aspect of experiences as well – thanks to everything from Uber to AirBnB to Amazon, et. al. Now more than ever, businesses have access to massive amounts qualitative and quantitative data that provide insights into how to better serve their customers. They just have to want to. And, they have to work cross-functionally to deliver next-generation experiences seamlessly from product to touch points to relationships. After all, the sum of each experience adds up to your brand.

On this episode of DigitalOutliers, I speak with Comcast’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Satchell. To deliver a great customer experience, Satchell, believes we have to step outside of our normal roles and start talking to people within the organization that can help deliver a consistent experience that customers feel is remarkable.

At Comcast, Satchell recognizes the importance of a customer’s end-to-end experience and is working to transform their journey by investing in more intuitive, innovative and integrated products, services and solutions. But more importantly, he is working to bring together product innovation and also innovation in customer support to ensure that experiences are extraordinary in every phase of the customer lifecycle. Find out how on episode 4…

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