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An Intern’s Review of WTF: What’s the Future of Business


One of the little known stories about my previous book, What’s the Future of Business: Changing the way businesses create experiences, is that I wrote and published it after I had started my latest book, X: The Experience when business meets design.  While it stands on its own, WTF is technically a companion book to X and can be read as a part 2 of sorts.

One of the lesser known facts about WTF, is that it wasn’t even on my docket. Somewhere during the initial development for X, my publisher suggested that I create a short ebook to better bridge for readers the connection between The End of Business as Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution and X. They felt, rightly so, that the concepts were too far apart and that I might lose or confuse the community with such a great leap between the two. I felt that if we’re going to build a bridge, we should go all out and develop an entire book to prove out some interesting design concepts.

A bit more on the backstory…

My grand vision for X though, for those who have actually held it, was to design a digital experience on paper. I wanted to re-imagine the book for the 21st Century using high school text books as my inspiration. Some of the early design concepts for X went into WTF development and were brought to life by the brilliant creative team at Mekanism. X pushed the concepts further but we merely scratched the surface.

An Intern’s Review of WTF


Over the last few years, I’ve watched with great interest reader reactions to WTF. Of course I was curious about the impact of the design. But more so, I had hoped that the content really helped people change their businesses to more effectively compete through experience design.

One such review I followed turned out to be an interesting series written by Angela Lamar, an intern at Glow. For months, Angela dissected each chapter to share her insights and reactions. I found it fascinating and I wanted to share it with you here. I also wanted to say thank you to Angela for the stellar posts and also Glow for giving her the time to do so.

If you haven’t read WTF or X yet, please give them a try!

What’s the Future of Business


Chapter 0: Total Recall

Chapter 1: How to Survive Digital Darwinism

Chapter 2: The Journey of Business Transformation

Chapter 3: Meet the New Generation of Customers…Generation C

Chapter 4: The New Customer Hierarchy

Chapter 5: The Dim Light at the End of the Funnel

Chapter 6: The Moments of Truth

Chapter 7: The Ultimate Moment of Truth

Chapter 8: Opening A Window Into New Consumerism

Chapter 9: The Dynamic Customer Journey

Chapter 10: Inside the Ellipse: Embarking on the Dynamic Customer Journey

Chapter 11: Improving the UMOT to optimize the ZMOT

Chapter 12: The Six Pillars of Social Commerce – Understanding the Psychology of Engagement

Chapter 13: The Importance of Brand in an Era of Digital Darwinism

Chapter 14: Why User Experience is Critical to Customer Relationships

Chapter 15: Innovate or Die

Chapter 16: The Dilemma’s Innovator

Chapter 17: The Hero’s Journey

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  1. Stef says:

    This looks like something that could be super beneficial for small businesses. Especially to learn about the expansion of the market and how important it is to not only grow along side but to be one step ahead. Can’t wait to read more!

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