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What Do You Stand For? #WDYSF


To change, to make things matter to real people, everything must begin with a new perspective and approach.

Ask yourself…What do you stand for?

It’s an important question you must answer before expecting anyone to stand alongside you.


What is the value you wish to add?

What is the value you wish to take away?

How does engagement make things better or create new possibilities and opportunities for all involved?

No matter how much we say or create, it doesn’t matter.

If we do not see it differently, we cannot approach it differently.

If we cannot show up humble yet poised to offer value, we are just another person in this digital room talking, maybe even yelling, to get people to pay attention. That’s not what this is about.

This is about community. And, community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

This is about standing for something.

This is about seeing something that others are missing.

This is about doing what others cannot or will not.

This is about inspiring a movement and building a community to bring your vision to life.

To be honest, this is true for anything and everything—not just marketing or service.

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9 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “What Do You Stand For? #WDYSF”

  1. “Before expecting anyone to stand alongside you, ask yourself … What do you stand for?”
    So simple, so effective and powerful. What else to say? Thank you so much Brian for the inspiration.

  2. martyn thomas says:

    Thanks Brian, this is a topic you’ve been sharing for a few years…higher calling etc.
    You’ve caught the moment with this post.
    I saw this the other day too “It’s not what we ‘sell” our audiences that will make a brand a success…it’s the invisible empowerment that they take away for free.”
    This taps into “Storydoing” as a way for brands to earn permission to exist.
    Big changes afoot for some companies, easier for newer ones.

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