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USA Today Features Brian Solis’ Take on Community, a New Text-Based Platform for Celebrities

In an age where the target of social media algorithms continues to move with increasing speed, one service aptly named “Community” is allowing celebrities and business leaders to keep their base engaged by communicating directly with fans and consumers via text. Is this a good thing? USA Today reports that according to digital analyst Brian Solis, the answer is “yes” – for now.

“Text creates a closer sense of belonging and engagement” that appeals to fans, Solis says, noting that the ever-shifting algorithms of social media “pretty much guarantee that fans don’t always see every update.”

But what happens when trolls, the enfant terrible of social media get onto the Community bandwagon? Community currently has nothing in place to stop users from sending a text to a celebrity full of profanity or hate. Ensuring that those don’t go through is “something Community’s algorithm will have to tackle,” Solis says.

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