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I’m Pivoting Toward Growth


Even Pivots make pivots. Such is true for the Pivot Conference. After 5 wonderful years, Pivot is moving away from a traditional conference format toward one focused on “user generated learning experience.” I’m moving into an advisory role and Matt Godson, Mike Edelhart and the Momentum team will carry the Pivot torch proudly.

Now it’s time for me to grow. And I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with my dear friend Debbie Landa on the 2015 GROW conference. GROW is centered on engagement and experience. It’s part conference, camp and community. And, it’s held at Whistler, a place that brings the unique spirit of GROW to life.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor or corporate executive, innovation is an opportunity and a threat. GROW brings together the most experienced and renowned entrepreneurs and champions pushing for change.  They’re not just talking at you from a stage though. They’re part of the entire GROW experience giving attendees access to people who can help them grow.

This year, we’re going to explore how data, devices and things impact our business and society. We’re not just going to geek out. We’re going to get in front of innovation to push it in directions that shape a new future. From mobile payments, retail, and future of work to wearables and health/fitness, you’ll get access to the people creating disrupting and adopting this next phase of the tech evolution.

This is a new type of conference and that’s why I’m proud to be on the team.

Join me in Whistler for what can only be described as an event that is enlightening and inspiring and one that takes place both indoors and outdoors.

Beyond the ballroom style approach where amazing people will share their stories that you can only hear at GROW, we’ll also host…

Collaborative talks that overlook Whistler.

Discussions that take place on gondolas and hiking trails.

Literal fireside conversations.

Networking that takes place over Yoga, biking, walking and other activities lead by LuluLemon.

Together, we’ll reset our perspective by breathing in fresh mountain air and breathing out the BS that diluted our vision. We’ll get away from it all and leave with a new sense of purpose and attitude.

If you are interested in getting involved please reach out directly.

We’re looking for speakers, volunteers, and sponsors.

Please contact Debbie Landa (who’s also at SXSW this weekend) to start talking about opportunities!

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  1. Who better to help lead this growth Brian Solis. Exciting. I’ll be watching for more updates from you.

  2. PamMktgNut says:

    Congrats @briansolis:disqus let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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