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Customer Experience is Becoming More Important Than the Product Itself


Customer experience is the sum of all engagements and interactions a customer has with your business in every step of their journey and lifecycle. It’s what your customer feels, thinks, says (to you and others) and more so, what they do now and in the time to come that counts for everything. CX is measured not by NPS (Net Promoter Score) but instead by the sentiment and outcomes in every moment of truth throughout the relationship. And, it’s yours to define.

We live in an era of incredible technological advancements where innovation is a constant. While tech allows for scale, we must first rethink what it is we truly want to scale. The experience we want people to have and share is the essence of CX. Technology then becomes an enabler for introducing or reinforcing desired experiences. The heart of any CX strategy should start with making business more human in a digital age. That’s why humanity is the killer app.

I spent some time recently with Paige O’Neill, CMO of SDL, a company that develops technology to facilitate global customer experiences. In our conversation, we discuss the state and future of CX and human experiences. We also span several relevant topics including:

– Customer experience is becoming more important than the product itself.

– Disruptive technologies and customer behavior are changing how we do business.

– ‘Generation C’ – looking at the customer, not by age but how they behave and become digitally connected.

– Digital experience and the journey.

– The importance of empathy combined with understanding the customer.

I hope you find our discussion helpful. I certainly enjoyed every moment of it! Enjoy!


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13 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Customer Experience is Becoming More Important Than the Product Itself”

  1. Jnap says:

    This sounds a lot like Service Design.

    “Service is the new product”

    – a going back to traditional values.

  2. andyjones2 says:

    Great video, Brian. Due to digital
    technology, consumers have more access to information than ever before and
    they are turning to outside experts and past customers to gain insights on
    the brand. Customer satisfaction is critical to keeping existing customers
    and gaining new ones. These people ultimately become brand advocates and
    will most likely judge the company and make a decision to continue doing
    business with them based on the first interaction. In order to gain loyal
    customers, it’s important to outline a process and invest in technology
    that will help capture key customer information to gain valuable insights
    that enhance the customer experience, ultimately keeping them satisfied
    and dedicated.
    – Andy Jones, Xerox

  3. Christophe says:

    Fantastic video. Very inspiring and powerfull.

  4. James says:

    Well , The facts of more available information alone if nothing else forces folks in their respective jobs into a “Must due ” situation. “Must due diligence” if you will. They must give the product they represent their foremost attention and KNOW what the consumer does NOT know . Many times I’ve seen for example , a consumer teach a car salesman things they should know but they do not and that is embarrassing and a wake up call that if you’re going to sell a product, You have to be the educator on the product . Customer Experience is in conjunction with this and CE is paramount . I am a “Perception is everything ” guy and a believer in bringing consumers an unmatched , Hands on experience when I expect them to value and desire my product over the many competitors product.- JT

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